your experience matters

our mission

Our mission is to create an unforgettable dining experience by creating great food using quality ingredients complemented with a great atmosphere. You can come to dine with us dressed casual or you can come dressed to impressed. Either way, you'll have a jaw dropping experience with our food selection!


Chasons Crab Stadium was founded by Peter Phong and partners in 2014. The food concept of Chason's was inspired by his amazing wife Eva and her uncanny knowledge of cooking Vietnamese and Cajun cuisine. Peter's extensive experience in Food and Hospitality combined with his passion for people and food birthed the concept of what we know now as Chason's Crab Stadium. During the past several years, Chason's has continued to expand their menu with amazing dishes that aren't exclusive just to seafood. "We realized that we could have an inclusive menu that incorporates other styles of food as long as the recipes were savory and addictive".